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Landscaping Trends for 2020

Landscaping Trends and Tips for 2020 | Dallas Landscaping Company

As we enter a new year, gardening takes on an even more vital role in helping families create happy and healthy homes. This year, we see a greater appreciation in the role plants play in supporting local wildlife and the environment. Indoor plants will maintain their allure, and we are seeing a renewed interest in sustainable landscaping solutions and vertical gardening.

Yes, there is so much to be excited about in the way that we’ll be maintaining and growing our landscape this year. Southern Botanical, your Dallas landscaping services company, shares its predictions for what this brand new year has in store for landscapes.

1. Low-maintenance landscaping

The goal for low-maintenance landscaping is to have a beautiful space to spend time in and admire, while at the same time have something that doesn’t need to be taken care of day after day. A low-maintenance landscape doesn’t necessarily need to be all rocks, but a space that will highlight the beauty of your garden and naturally thrive in the Texas climate .

2. Vertical gardening

Renters and owners of condos, small homes, and apartments are appreciating the value of vertical gardening – one of the most creative ways to incorporate some green into their lives. These micro-sized green spaces can be maintained from spring to fall with the use of plants and seasonal flowers.

If you want to try out vertical gardening, be sure to place it in a location that receives sunlight and is easy to water. Also, it’s important to plan out the containers before planting.

3. Sustainable solutions

Sustainable landscaping is not a new concept, but we are happy to see that it is a trend that continues to gain traction. For many years, we have seen homeowners taking steps to support local pollinators, and switching to natural methods of pest control. Composting is another great way to garden sustainably.

4. Outdoor spaces

Contacting your Dallas landscaping company for professional help in setting up your outdoor landscape is always a great idea. Investing in your outdoor living space is important if you want the maintenance to be low-cost, and at the same time enjoy nature in your backyard to the fullest.

Aside from reaping the therapeutic benefits of having a beautiful outdoor space, investing in it will boost your home value.