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Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid During Fall

Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid During Fall | Dallas Landscaper

The fall season is a wonderful time to sit back and admire how nature puts on a display in your outdoors. From cooler temperatures to the color-changing leaves, it’s the perfect season to take in all the beauty that this season offers. 

Now that fall is just around the corner, do not think that your yard work is done! Your lawn needs maintenance to keep it healthy throughout the winter and into the next spring season. 

Below are the landscaping mistakes to avoid during the fall season.

1. Not paying attention to hardscape

Do not overlook stairs, walkways, and patio landscape – they are just as important! Remember that landscaping has two components: soft and hard. Soft landscaping is alive and can be planted. Hardscapes are functional, immobile, and inanimate such as sidewalks, driveways, and retaining walls. 

Fall is the perfect time to power wash all stonework and bricks, not just for aesthetic purposes, but for function. Thoroughly inspect for chips, cracks, as well as damage that needs to be repaired or replaced. 

2. Not raking

You may get caught up in the nostalgia of falling autumn leaves, but do not make the mistake of not raking your yard. A thick layer of leaves can hinder lawn growth because they prevent your lawn from a key element – sunlight. A layer of leaves can also block healthy airflow, nutrients, and water from getting absorbed by your grass’ root system. Fallen leaves can also become dangerously slippery when wet!

3. Not planting colorful blooms and plant bulbs for spring

Autumn is the best time to begin thinking about spring’s colorful display. Follow the grower’s directions and plant bulbs and colorful flower seeds low into the ground to prevent freezing during winter. Haven’t tried this yet? You will love how fall planting yields into a beautiful garden come spring! 

4. Not aerating and seeding your lawn

Aeration, which involves creating holes in your lawn, prevents soil compaction and allows essential nutrients to seep into your soil. Right after lawn aeration is a great time for seeding as they will fall into the grooves and make their way deep into the soil. 

Don’t have enough time for fall landscape maintenance? Seek help from your local Dallas residential landscaping company. The experienced experts at Southern Botanical look forward to identifying your landscaping needs and helping your lawn look its best this coming fall season!

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