Landscape Management Magazine Features SoBo x SMU

In October’s edition of Landscape Management Magazine, Southern Botanical’s exceptional care of the Southern Methodist University landscape was highlighted in an article entitled “Not Your Average Campus”.

An excerpt from this article details “more than 60,000 seasonal color pots line the campus during the spring and winter with annual flowers. During the changeouts, Southern Botanical puts an emphasis on recycling plant material that is in good condition through transplanting perennials used during summer installations to other parts of the campus.”

Sustainable solutions such as repurposing plant material, as well as utilizing high-efficiency nozzles and water-wise irrigation management practices, set Southern Botanical apart as The Green Standard.

Fast Facts

With such an expansive campus, Southern Botanical’s landscape maintenance, tree care, and irrigation are at work daily to maintain the grounds at the highest standard of care, including…

  • 1,500 irrigation zones managed daily
  • 2,800 mature trees serviced regularly
  • 60,000 urns of seasonal color planted multiple times a year

Award Winning

Southern Botanical’s work has been recognized at the highest level by prestigious organizations such as PGMS and NALP, honoring a commitment to meticulous maintenance and sustainable management practices.

  • 2021 Gold Award of Excellence from the National Society of Landscape Professionals

Read more about how Southern Botanical turned this mature landscape around from overgrown to the pristine, award-winning property it is today in another recent article published by the National Society of Landscape Professionals.

Landscape Management Magazine Features SoBo x SMU