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Landscape Enhancements for Your Commercial Property

Landscape Enhancements for Your Commercial Property | Dallas Landscaping Services Company

Your commercial property’s appearance talks volumes about your business and can leave a lasting impression not only on your clients, but on the community. By making certain landscape enhancements, taking into account the seasonal changes, emphasizing focal areas, and taking advantage of professional landscaping maintenance services, you can make sure that your commercial property is looking its best all throughout the year.

Here’s how to do it.   

Emphasize focal areas and entrances  

Welcome your clients with an inviting entrance. Entrance options are endless since commercial properties have different elements, like the building’s architecture, style, and hardscape. A well laid-out landscape should be properly matched to the building’s overall theme, and should achieve a functional and practical design that enhances the property’s aesthetic without competing with the other elements. If architecture and space will allow, make your building entrance stand out with water features that add ambience or vibrant seasonal plants that pop with color.

Illuminate your property

Another effective technique that will draw attention to focal areas in your property is by using outdoor lighting. Aside from adding a level of safety and security, lighting can dramatically enhance your landscape’s visual appeal. Here are some impactful ways you can do just that:

  • Use motion-activated or solar-powered lighting where appropriate to save on electricity costs and energy.
  • Add an accent or overhead lighting to bigger areas where clients frequent – sidewalk areas, parking lots, pathways, doorways, and stairs.
  • Showcase focal areas in your landscape like your signage and trees with soft accent lighting.

Change with the seasons  

Make small, but effective changes that pack a punch! Maximize the use of seasonal color that will nicely complement your property’s design. Landscaping professionals agree that effective color choice will help get you the most out of your property’s value and performance: the right colors will elicit powerful emotional responses. If you are going for the ‘wow factor’ and would want passersby to do a double-take on your property, maximize the benefit of colorful plants and flowers of the season.

Finally, an expertly designed, well-manicured landscape will surely improve your property’s value and increase the perception of your business. Using an experienced professional landscaping maintenance company that specializes in commercial property is important. Southern Botanical, your Dallas commercial landscaping company, will not only ensure that your landscape is looking its best, but functioning at its best too.