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How to Prepare Your Trees for Storm Season

How to Prepare Your Trees for Storm Season | Dallas Landscaping Services Company

Phil Klotzbach, a hurricane expert who leads the most reputable hurricane season forecasting service, has released his first outlook for the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. Instead of the typical 12 storms, we are in for above-normal activity, with an estimate of 17 named storms, as well as 8 hurricanes instead of 6. 

Hurricane season officially starts on the 1st of June. Is your property prepared for the harsh weather that lies ahead?

Now is high time to be proactive about potentially dangerous trees on your property. The right tree care and maintenance during storm season are important for the safety and protection of your family and home. From doing a thorough inspection of your property to getting the services of tree experts in your area, read on to discover how you can best prepare your trees for the storm season

Inspecting your yard

It’s important for you to be aware of the overall health and condition of your trees. Examine every tree thoroughly, checking the trunk, bark, branches, and roots. Act immediately as soon as you see any sign of damage, like branches that do not seem stable, a fungi infestation or root rot. 

Look for signs of dangerous trees:

  • Root damage
  • Poor crown form
  • Decaying or dead wood
  • Split of cracked bark

Signs that your trees are healthy:

  • A robust, straight trunk
  • Full branches
  • New growth
  • Free from dead branches, fungi, cracks or holes
  • An abundance of healthy leaves

Before the storm:

  • Keep your trees in good shape with deep root fertilization, soil test, mulching, and watering.
  • Arguably, the simplest way to minimize tree and property damage is by making sure that your trees are regularly pruned. Have your trees pruned and trimmed during dormant season or spring. It’s best to get the services of a certified arborist.  A licensed arborist can take care of trees with poor branch structure and can ensure that the tree’s canopy is preserved. 

After the storm:

  • Check for any possible damage like broken trees or bent limbs.
  • Keep in mind that branches that are partially attached is extremely hazardous and should be handled with the utmost care.
  • Get in touch with a certified arborist to remove uprooted trees or broken branches.

Remember, healthy, strong, properly pruned tress weather storms much better than unhealthy and weak ones. Before the storm season hits, hire your local Dallas landscaping company to keep your property and your loved ones safe.