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How Therapeutic Landscapes Boosts Workplace Productivity

How Therapeutic Landscapes Boosts Workplace Productivity

Have you ever felt recharged after a brief walk in a park or simply sitting near a plant-filled window? Imagine using that revitalizing energy right in your workspace. Research shows that green spaces significantly improve well-being and productivity. But it’s not as simple as placing a potted plant on your desk; there’s a whole science behind it called therapeutic landscaping.

Let’s explore what therapeutic landscapes are, how they can be integrated into your workplace, and why it’s more than just an aesthetic choice. Transform your commercial space into an energizing environment.

The Science of Green Spaces

The impact of green spaces on well-being is significant. A 2022 paper published by Frontiers found that businesses located near high-quality outdoor areas experienced higher productivity. But plants don’t thrive on neglect; they require proper care. The trick is to balance your business needs with maintaining these spaces, a goal achievable through therapeutic landscaping.

What is Therapeutic Landscaping?

Originating from health geographer Wilbert Gesler, therapeutic landscaping focuses on landscapes that nurture human emotion and well-being. A 2018 study in the Journal of Social Science & Medicine explores why certain landscapes have a healing effect. It’s not just about greenery; it’s about creating an atmosphere conducive to healing through a blend of physical, social, and perceptual factors.

Therapeutic Landscaping

Translating Healing into Business Spaces

Understanding the term “healing” is important when adding green spaces to a business environment. Aim for thoughtful planning to ensure your landscape enhances well-being. Biophilic design offers a structured approach to make sure that the landscape not only looks good but also promotes health and wellness. It can serve as a framework, avoiding transient greenery, isolated plants, and inaccessible spaces to create a natural-feeling environment.

Making Your Landscape Biophilic

Metropolis Mag suggests avoiding these pitfalls for an effective biophilic space:

  • Inconsistent Greenery – A truly biophilic space needs uniform green elements to maintain employee engagement.
  • Isolated Plant Life – Isolated plants or areas that aren’t part of the overall design can disrupt the cohesiveness of a biophilic space.
  • Inaccessible Green Areas – Accessibility is key in biophilic design; people need to easily interact with natural elements for the space to be effective.
  • Lack of Diversity – A successful biophilic environment should be diverse and dynamic, reflecting the complexity of natural settings.

A biophilic environment is designed to evoke the feeling of being in a natural setting, allowing people to momentarily forget they’re in an urban workspace. This connection to nature can trigger basic human instincts and emotions that positively affect work performance.

Given this, it’s important to think about how to tailor landscaping to not just be aesthetically pleasing, but also genuinely healing, in order to achieve a truly biophilic space.

Making Your Landscape Biophilic

Using Daylight and Indoor Plants

You’ll want to factor in daylight and incorporate a diverse range of plants both indoors and outdoors.

  • Daylight – Sunlight boosts morale and productivity. Choose blinds that allow natural light while minimizing glare. This will help boost employee morale and associate the area with health and light. It also provides a great view of external landscaping and greenery, contributing to a happier and healthier office environment.
  • Indoor Plants – Plants can absorb noise, helping improve concentration. Research indicates that plants can serve as natural noise insulators in the office. This subtle but significant effect creates quieter ‘zones’ where employees can focus and be productive. It also helps in reducing overall noise levels and combating distractions that can hinder productivity. Consider potted plants, hanging plants, or even indoor flower beds for varied and dynamic indoor spaces.

Going the Extra Mile

Indoor greenery is a great start, but there’s more to explore:

  • Water Features – These offer calming effects and improve air quality. Moving water can bring a sense of calm and clarity to its surroundings. Incorporating a small fountain or a similar water feature in the workplace can offer these benefits, reducing stress and enhancing focus. Additionally, moving water can improve air quality and serve as a social focal point, promoting workplace wellness and team cohesion.
  • Outdoor Spaces – There’s no real substitute for spending time outdoors. The American Psychological Association reveals that being in an outdoor setting quickly improves mental well-being, reducing stress and anxiety. Elements like sunlight, fresh air, and the scent of plants can alleviate feelings of confinement in the workplace. Aim for varied green spaces with seating and flowers.

Urban Jungle and Happiness

Flowers can make a big difference. A study reported by PsychReg showed that flowers reduced stress in 90% of participants and induced calmness in 84%. Scatter wildflowers around your green space for added benefit and biodiversity.

Beyond Greenery

For companies willing to go further, therapeutic gardens can offer secluded spots for staff to unwind, boosting productivity and mental health. Having a quiet, secure space away from the hustle and bustle of work really appeals to many employees. Plus, it’s a wonderful way for the company to show that it cares about employee well-being.

Some businesses include biophilic escape rooms, which serve as areas of relaxation and privacy, acting as quick retreats from work stress.

Creating a Therapeutic Landscape for Business Success

Over time, small changes like adding diverse plants, and secluded areas, and optimizing light can make your workspace healing and inviting. Commit to this improvement, and your workspace will evolve into a therapeutic haven.

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