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How Southern Botanical’s Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Plans Help Businesses

How Southern Botanical's Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Plans Help Businesses

How Southern Botanical’s Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Plans Help Businesses

If you are a property owner or a property manager who’s responsible for managing your commercial property, now is a great time to plan your spring landscaping maintenance by partnering with Southern Botanical. Having a concrete plan in place will ensure that your property’s needs are covered not only today, but for the months ahead.

Your landscape deserves the attention of an experienced, reliable team that meets your standards of quality and consistently satisfies your expectations.

Having a commercial landscaping maintenance schedule will give you the following benefits:

  • Partnering with Southern Botanical not only prioritizes your property’s landscaping needs, this means that you are on our calendar to ensure the proper timing of all the services provided.
  • You get the most out of your landscaping investment. Our teams are always prepared and ready for the change of the seasons, and what impact they can have on your trees, plants, shrubs, and turf.
  • An annual landscaping schedule will help you budget for the year ahead, because you will know in advance what services are needed to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant. Plus, you will know when those services will take place.
  • By having a maintenance schedule, you’ll be able to avoid unexpected hazards and the expenses that go along with them by pinpointing and addressing potential concerns early on.

Whether you are responsible for the property’s office park, hotel, retail property, a multi-family dwelling, or an industrial complex, the landscaping services below should be included in your schedule:

  • Turf maintenance – includes trimming hedges, regular mowing, edging around plant beds, flower beds, curbs, and walkways.
  • Tree and shrub maintenance – includes regular trimming, pruning, and inspection for potential issues like diseases or pests so that you can address them head-on before it becomes a real concern.
  • Tree and plant care – to keep your shrubs, trees, and plants healthy and disease-free. This may include an annual deep root fertilization program when necessary.
  • Seasonal services – includes planting new plants or flowers for a burst of fresh colors season after season.
  • Cleanup services – typically done during spring and fall to remove debris, including leaves, to ensure that your landscape is healthy and thriving every season.
  • De-icing services – during extreme weather, our teams will be quick to ensure that your property is safe, so you can keep doing business.

Southern Botanical is your Landscape Maintenance Partner That Can Do It All

Southern Botanical, your local Dallas landscaping professionals have the professionalism, training, and capabilities to perform all these maintenance services – and more. Our team has more than 25 years of experience working on complex, large, and unique commercial landscaping projects. Get in touch with us today so we can get your landscaping maintenance scheduled.