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Gutter Cleaning Tips During the Cold Months

Gutter Cleaning Tips | Landscaping Company in Dallas, TX

It’s high time to prepare for the colder season ahead! Gutter cleaning and repair should be high on your list.

Gutters protect your home and prevent it from doing damage in your property by collecting and draining water. Overexposure to water can leave it rotting and leaking. Foundations, walls, and landscapes are also vulnerable to large amounts of water, so if you want to keep them in good shape, you need functional gutters.

Learn how to clean your gutters and keep your property safe during the winter with these tips from Southern Botanical, your landscaping services company in Dallas, TX.

For those of you who haven’t done gutter cleaning before, here’s a brief overview: you need a ladder to gain access to your gutters, remove any debris that has collected in your gutters, and dispose of them.

1. Before you clean your gutter, take a hard look at your landscaping. Now is a great time to assess what worked for your lawn this year. As the leaves go to your roof and gutters, consider if your new plants are in the right place, and if it’s best to prune. Transplanting and pruning can help reduce landscape maintenance work the following year.

2. Check for sags, warping, and leaks. Leaky, warped, and sagging gutters won’t do their job properly. Take a close look around your home and check them thoroughly. Check too if your gutters are properly connected to your downspouts.

3. Regardless of the type of gutter you have, it needs some basic maintenance, especially if they are beneath some overhanging trees. Gutters are best cleaned during late fall and early winter. Make sure to clean them during a time when your work won’t be made difficult by extreme temperatures.

4. Consider adding a gutter cover, which goes over the gutter and protects it from falling sticks and leaves. Gutter covers help reduce the amount of debris that goes into your gutter system, ensuring that water flows freely during the colder months.

Keeping your gutters clean and well-maintained will result in better protection of your home’s foundation, roof, your walls, and the landscape that surrounds it.

If it’s possible, look inside your gutters to identify if there’s leakage or buckling, or you may call us at Southern Botanical, your landscaping services company in Dallas, TX. We can help ensure that your gutters are problem-free.