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Gardening Throughout the Seasons: Creating Color

Gradening Throughout the Seasons | Dallas Landscaping | Southern Botanical

During summertime, we don’t normally think about how to better enhance our landscape. The leaves are green, and the flowers are bright and blooming. However, you might have noticed that your flowers during spring have left their lanky stalks and leaves behind. You might wish for fall and winter when the Texas heat strikes, but at the same time, your garden will be devoid of the cheery colors of the warmer months.

Gardening isn’t just fun to do, it also carries a multitude of benefits. Whether you are passionate about flowers, plants, or trees, maintaining a garden can be extremely rewarding. Learning about seasonal gardening will help you keep up with the changes of the seasons.

Achieve season-long color in your garden with these tips from Southern Botanical, your Dallas landscaping services company.

  1. Stagger the blooming seasons
    This is the first thing that you should take into consideration. It’s best to use perennials for a longer-lasting, cost-effective, and stronger garden. Instead of getting a wide variety of exotic or popular spring blooms like crocuses, snowdrops, hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils, plan out a variety of plants that will cover greater spans of time and flower different seasons. Don’t hesitate to get the help of a landscape professional.
  2. Landscaping strategy
    The aim here is to have a different plant strutting its own stuff as soon as one plant is done putting on a show. You can start by researching the best plants in your area. A “staggered” strategy will ensure that your garden does not end up with an overabundance of performers during summer while considering your fall and winter display. One great trick would be to plant at intervals so that fresh plants can replace mature ones.
  3. Consider your range
    You need not stick with herbaceous plants. Trees, shrubs, and grasses can also help! For example, rose bushes bloom throughout the summer, while the forsythia shrub has delicate yellows on its branches during springtime.
  4. Put some variety
    Plant some vines to cover dividing walls and fences. Climbing plants are very flexible. They can be worked to grow around an arbor and may grow through some existing trees and shrubs. Some vines might need to be supported and tied, but others will not have any issues attaching themselves. Examples of such plants are jasmine, wisteria, clematis, climbing roses, and honeysuckle.
  5. Fall
    During fall, think of cool-season annuals. Ornamental cabbage and mums are a long-time favorite during this season. You might want to use different plants in your fall planter designs. Coral Bells or Heuchera add texture and color and are a great complement to the cabbage and mums. Fall daisies, fall pansies, and ornamental peppers are great choices too. Maples are one of the best fall foliage plants.
    If the climate in your area allows for it, grow some greens that love cool weather. Start planting as soon as the weather cools.
  6. Winter
    This season is a special case, as its beauty tends to have various shapes and textures compared to the vibrancy of spring and summer. For starters, consider putting evergreens to keep the color going. Certain plants will cast pleasing patterns and shadows in the snow.
    The landscape during winter is dominated by grays, whites, and browns. Don’t worry, you have other options. Red osier dogwood has a beautiful bark with a reddish hue. A pristine snow backdrop with patches of vibrant red osier dogwoods makes for a beautiful winter scene.

To get the best results, don’t forget that plants need sufficient carbon dioxide. A high level of carbon dioxide provides a great environment for growth. Remember to use high-quality mulch, like shredded leaves from your garden. This will not only help control the weeds; it will surely decompose into healthy food for your soil.

Yes, achieving season-long color in your landscape is possible. Create a polished look by adding some planters or annual groupings and borders. At Southern Botanical, your Dallas landscaping experts, we are here to help! Contact us if you need help in planning and creating a landscape that will remain beautiful regardless of the season.