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Commercial Landscape Enhancements That Will Help You Stand Out 

Commercial Landscape Enhancements That Will Help You Stand Out

Your landscape is an essential investment to your business that can help make a difference between attracting a potential customer to your property – or choosing your competitor. Now might be a great time to consider some commercial landscaping enhancements that will set you apart from the rest.

Increase the value of your business

At Southern Botanical, we offer commercial landscaping that has a wide array of choices to be made and methods to use to enhance commercial outdoor spaces. Our professional team is trained in a broad range of techniques which includes installation, maintenance, hardscapes, irrigation control, tree care, and more.

Some choices may be integrated into your yearly landscaping maintenance budget that you can adjust according to your needs, while others are best planned for a future improvement budget. Whatever you decide, you might want to consider some ideas below for boosting the value of your commercial property. To get the most value from their landscaping, we always recommend that our clients have a landscaping plan in place. Working with our landscaping team, you will be able to determine your landscape’s life cycle, and keep everything up-to-date and fresh – all within your budget.


Whether it’s a walkway or driveway, your entryway should be attractive and inviting to your clients and have a sense of order, design, and color. The foot or vehicle pathways to your front door can be defined or lined with shrubs, plants, flowers, or ornamental trees, depending on the space available.

Planting beds

Color has the power to catch anyone’s attention, and what better way to introduce color to your property than flowers? Seasonal flowers are a delightful way to welcome your customers throughout the year. Give your commercial property a fresh makeover every season! You can also define your flowerbed and freshen its look by adding fresh mulch – a simple update that will surely give your space a neat and well-maintained look.


Your walkways should have a purpose, and they should be kept clean and safe. If you discover that visitors and customers are cutting through a grassy or mulched area as a shortcut between spaces in your property, it may be high time to think about creating a safer path for them. Upgrading or adding walkways can be as simple as pouring concrete into a smooth path or putting in pavers to give stability.

Whatever your unique needs are, Southern Botanical, your Dallas landscaping company, can help you take your commercial landscaping to the next level. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.