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Color Your Garden this Fall Season

Color Your Garden this Fall Season | Landscaper in Dallas | Southern Botanical

The summer buds have wilted, and we long for the last glimpse of natural color before the chilly winter season takes hold. For homeowners who want a bit of color during the fall season, take heart. This season offers us a whole new world of color!

A bit of planning can keep your lawn blazing with cool weather blooms and bright fall leaves. From the classic autumn colors of orange, red, and yellow to vibrant pink and purple blooms, the options are endless.

We at Southern Botanical, your professional landscapers in Dallas, have rounded up some of the best plants that thrive in the crisp air.

1. Dogwood

Dogwoord | Landscapers in Dallas | Southern Botanical

The dogwood might be well-known for their spring buds, but no one wants to miss the beauty of a dogwood in the autumn season. The dogwood is among the first trees to show its splendor of colors during fall.

2. Gingko

Ginko | Landscapers in Dallas | Southern Botanical

The golden gingko tree is one of nature’s oldest and best stunners during fall. Its fan-shaped foliage will turn to sunny yellow almost overnight, and can make even the simplest garden shine.

3. Dahlia

Dahlia | Landscapers in Dallas | Southern Botanical

These blooms are not only long-lasting, they are gorgeous too. Dahlias bloom from summer through fall. This cool weather bloom is similar to the zinnia, sunflower, daisy, and chrysanthemum.

4. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum | Landscapers in Dallas, Texas | Southern Botanical

Popularly known as mums, chrysanthemums are synonymous to fall as much as the turkey is to Thanksgiving. These blooms are an all-time favorite during the fall season, and they come in a wide range of colors: red, orange, white, and yellow. They are best placed in container gardens, garden beds, or in pumpkin arrangements.

5. October Glory Red Maple

October Glory Red Maple | Dallas Texas Landscaper | Southern Botanical

This tree grows up to 60 feet tall, and is one of the most dependable trees for red foliage. You can typically see them at most garden centers.

6. Aster

Aster | Landscapers in Dallas, Texas | Southern Botanical

These blooms put on a vivid display of colors as soon as the summer flowers starts to fade. They come in a wide array of shades: red, blue, purple, and pink.

7. Blueberry

Blueberry | Landscapers in Dallas, Texas | Southern Botanical

Blueberry shrubs are not just for the summer. These shrubs are painted with vivid colors during the colder months too! Their leaves turn into orange, red, or yellow combos.

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