5 Summer Water Conservation Tips for Your Landscape

Despite the extremely rainy start to summer we’ve had in Dallas, the hotter-than-hot Texas temperatures are now here to stay. The stronger the sunshine, the more our team of landscape experts recommends conserving water and making some adjustments to your current watering habits. The five following summer water conservation tips are sure to keep both the earth and your landscape thriving all summer long!

Schedule your sprinkler system strategically

Schedule your sprinkler system to water in the early morning or late evening. During these times of the day, chances of water loss and evaporation are much lower which will reduce any potential waste of water.

Water deeply and less frequently

Water your yard 2 – 3 times a week instead of daily as it only needs about 1 – 1.5 inches of water per week.

Allow your grass to grow a little longer

This insulates more moisture in your soil which will prevent you from having to water as frequently!

Layer on the mulch

A thick layer of mulch is key to ensuring the maintenance of moisture in your soil. This summer water conservation tip will keep your plants, lawn, and landscape hydrated for longer periods of time which will require less frequent watering.

Group plants based on watering needs

This is where you bring in the landscape experts in Dallas! Professionals have important knowledge about the best plants to plant in our region of Texas with our unique environment. They also know which plants to group together for a strategic approach to planting that minimizes water wastage.

Do you have more questions about summer water conservation? At Southern Botanical, we prioritize sustainability when it comes to our work and we’d love to help you make your landscape the best it can be! Reach out to us here and let’s talk about your landscape.