Dallas, Texas

Turtle Creek Offices

Our client wanted to create an office to unite all of his family-owned businesses in one location. The property’s placement between a creek on one side and a steep hill on the other presented major challenges to planting and irrigation, as did the weight limitations of the land sitting on top of a parking garage. Today this property boasts 20,000 plants in 70 native Texas varieties selected by Mithun’s landscape architects. But many of these native plants weren’t available in nurseries, so we had to hand-dig them off of local ranches. We also installed a massive cistern to gather rainwater and reuse it as irrigation throughout the property. One of our favorite parts of this project involved planting 24 Allee Elms in a row to line up within the glass walls of the building, each elm representing a grandchild of the owner.




Installation, Maintenance

Landscape Architect



2018 NALP Silver Award of Excellence

2018-2019 Texas Excellence in Landscaping Gold Award for Commercial Installation