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Title Director of Landscape Construction
Location Dallas, Tx
Job Information

The Director of Landscape Construction (DLC) has ultimate management responsibility for this profit center producing $16M in revenue. The DLC reports to the Chief Operations Officer and is responsible for developing a management team to carry out the responsibilities and objectives of the department including designers, business developers, estimators, project managers, project engineers, project superintendents, contract administrators, front line, etc. The DLC must be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of landscape construction operations including: customer service, accounting, budgeting, strategic planning, business development, estimating, information technology (IT), production, human resources, finance and administration. The DLC must display the leadership capability to manage his/her team on a daily basis while creating a professional and pleasant company atmosphere. The DLC must coexist with other department/branch managers requiring sharing of resources and facilities.

Skill set and educational requirements:

• Displays mature leadership qualities and is a high-performance individual capable of building and maintaining a high-performance team.
• Displays an understanding of the business systems necessary to run the department.
• Places a high value on the free enterprise system and entrepreneurism in general.
• Minimum of five years’ experience in the Construction Industry.
• Bachelor’s degree preferably in construction management, business administration or within the Green Industry.
• Possesses a valid driver’s license and must be insurable on company’s insurance policy.
• Proficient in both oral and written communications.
• Demonstrates complete belief in the Southern Botanical values
• Proficient in MS Word, MS Excel, budgeting, general information technology (IT) use, Quick Books, and/or accounting system.
• Proficient in typing and capable of typing 40 WPM with fewer than three mistakes.
• Able to build a high-performance internal company team that requires minimal supervision, while maintaining a professional atmosphere of cooperation and professionalism.
• Able to build and effectively network with an external company team to include: Contractors, Subcontractors, CPAs, attorneys, bankers, consultants, peers, professional associations, educators, etc.
• Able to assess investment risks from a cost-benefit analysis perspective.
• Able to analyze business threats and opportunities and take appropriate action.


• Thoroughly understands, implements, and ensures compliance with company policies, procedures, and standard operating procedures (SOPs).
• Oversees the development and implementation of the landscape construction department’s:
• Strategic plan
• Annual operating budget
• Annual capital budget
• New business development plan
• Training goals
• Oversees all facets of the business including design, sales, estimating, production, scheduling, procurement, billing, contract administration and accounts receivable.
• Ensures department SOPs are kept current, accurate and relevant.
• Ensures that pre-job meetings, completed job cost reports and job close-out meetings are completed on time and include all of the appropriate personnel.
• Ensures the research, evaluation, and implementation of departmental IT systems/software.
• Ensures department coordinates with CPA to prepare financials and WIP schedule at year end.
• Ensures the review and renewal of company bonding policies annually.
• Hires, fires, trains, evaluates, supervises and motivates all staff under his/her supervision.

Salary, bonus and/or commissions:

Salary, bonuses and profit sharing will be commensurate to experience.

Appraisal criteria:

The primary appraisal criteria for the DLC is to achieve the annual budget and business development goals of the department while maintaining a professional, ethical, and safe corporate atmosphere.

The hidden job description:

A. What should this person enjoy doing to be successful in this job?
• Creating wealth for company and value for clients.
• Building an internal company team.
• Networking with an external company team.
• Networking in general.
• Coaching.
• Building/implementing business systems.
• Look for areas that require improvement, provide solutions and implement change.

B. What personal qualities are necessary for this job?
• Positive outlook and disposition.
• Able to delegate effectively.
• Consistent behavior.
• Customer-service oriented.
• Strong work ethic and multi-tasker.
• Persistence and perseverance.
• Encourages and supports staff.
• Strategic and holistic thinker.
• Strong problem solving skills
• Willingness to engage in tough negotiations and take conflict head on.

C. What type of behavior will suit this job?
• Energetic.
• Outgoing.
• Inquisitive.
• Resourceful.
• Action oriented.

D. Who are the difficult people this individual will have to communicate with?
• Just about everyone: President, Controller, Managers, Clients, general contractors, subcontractors

E. What kind of work should a person thrive on in order to be happy doing this particular job?
• Chaos.
• Uncertainty.
• Pressure.
• Imperfect and incomplete data from which to make business decisions.
• The surprises in behavior (both good and bad) that staff, customers, and others display.

F. If you had to describe the person who could best fill this job, how would you do so?
• See chapter 2, “Level 5 Leadership,” in Jim Collin’s book, Good to Great, pp. 17–40.
• Has to love working with and coaching people while facing challenges and solving problems.
• Has to love being part of a team of professionals and building a company that is respected in the community.

8. Individual profile:
• A self-starter.
• Understands the need to ascertain threats and opportunities.
• Action- and results-oriented.
• Active vs. static thinker.
• Excels at coaching, supporting, and encouraging a team.
• Excels at managing.
• Able to assess facts, evaluate possible solutions and make prompt decisions

9. Professional attitude:
• Customer-service oriented.
• Enjoys helping others.
• Displays a positive, “can-do” demeanor.
• Encourages, assists, and supports fellow staff members.
• Requires minimal supervision.
• Desires to grow professionally and seeks to improve personal skill set.
• Understands the value of technology and embraces it.
• Seeks out other professionals with whom to network.
• Is punctual and energetic.
• Accepts and appreciates correctional input/feedback from fellow staff members and BOD.
• Enjoys working with and contributing to a team.
• Maintains high professional standards for neatness, discipline, self-control, and organization.

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