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Fall Landscape Planning

Fall Landscape Planning | Dallas Landscaping Services Company | Southern Botanical

It’s fall, y’all! The recent hot summer months have left your lawn clamoring for attention. From renewing existing turf to repairing rough spots to seeding your lawn, the right timing for fall lawn care and proper fall landscape planning separates sweet success from something less. 

Scalping and Seed Application

There is a secret to achieving a lush, beautiful lawn. Most homeowners don’t know what it is, but the landscaping pros do. Scalping and seed application – as part of a proactive, comprehensive plan – will keep your lawn looking great. 

Whether you are a novice lawn owner or have years of experience tending to your lawn, learning how to scalp and apply grass seed can improve your results.

Timing DOES Matter!

Grass will grow the strongest and fastest when your planting season is perfectly aligned with the seeds’ natural period of active growth. For cool season grass, the best time to do this is late summer to fall, when your grass is growing vigorously.

Correct timing is essential when planting grass seed in the fall. In early autumn, the soil is still warm from the summer months. The combination of cool evenings and warm soil will allow the seeds to germinate fully and establish before the colder months.

Get your seeds off to the best possible start! Our experts recommend the following:

  • Timing the task
  • Preparing the area – this is where scalping comes in!
  • Correcting existing issues
  • Choosing quality grass seeds
  • Spreading the seed
  • Fertilizing overseeded areas
  • Watering
  • Regular Lawn Maintenance

Turf Pre-Emergent & Fertilization

It can be hard to keep your lawn looking as beautiful as you’d like. Fertilizing your turf will ensure that you have a healthy, hearty lawn that is less susceptible to weeds and disease.    Fall is the time when cool-season grasses recover from the stresses of summer heat, drought, and disease. Aside from helping your grass resist winter disease and injury, fall fertilization, scalping, and seed planting will help yield better winter color, increased rooting and more vivid greens come spring.

Did you know that the gap between the harsh summer heat and the cool temperatures of fall is a critical time to prepare your lawn for both winter and the following spring? Now’s the time to apply a fall pre-emergent treatment to ensure a healthy lawn in the coming months!

If you are interested in beautifying your fall landscape and maintaining a green, beautiful lawn, get in touch! Schedule a consultation with one of our experts by calling 214.366.2103!

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