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The Benefits of Having an Irrigation System

Your trees, turf, and plants all need ample water to thrive. Having a proper irrigation system installed offers numerous benefits for your landscape. Not only will it help you maintain a healthy garden, but an irrigation setup can help you save energy, time and money. An automated system will also prevent under-watering and over-watering. As a bonus, it can help keep your landscape looking vibrant regardless of... Learn More

Azalea Care

It is hard to resist the beauty of azaleas in bloom. They are one of the most iconic flowers of the South, offering wonderful spring blooms in bright hues. Undeniably, they are a beautiful addition to any garden. If you are considering growing azaleas, know that keeping them healthy with fertilization is key. Here are some tips on azalea care. Exposure The shrubs prefer partially shaded, cool areas. Some... Learn More

Professional Landscape Design: Why is it Important?

While a lot of people typically spend a huge chunk of their time indoors, many are still undeniably drawn to the outdoors to soak in the sounds and sights of nature. There is just something about the green grass, lush turf, pretty flowers and trees, and sunshine that makes the outdoors rejuvenating and relaxing.  There is so much more to a sustainable, functional landscape than just adding some turf and... Learn More

Signs That Your Trees Need Deep Root Fertilization

We all know the important role that fertilization plays in keeping our turf green and healthy. But you might be forgetting that trees need fertilizer to keep them happy, too. Fertilization is a vital part of tree care because it gives your trees a boost of nutrients, making them better prepared to withstand pests and other extreme conditions. Have you fed your trees lately? If your answer is no, they might... Learn More

Shrub Pruning Tips

If the thought of pruning the branches of what appears like a perfectly happy shrub makes you cringe, then you are not alone. Most homeowners are aware of the benefits of pruning – more pleasing appearance, better health, more productive flowers – but are still confused when it comes to proper technique and timing for fear of stunting the plant’s growth, killing the plant, or lopping off next year’s... Learn More

Tips for Pruning Oak Trees Outside of Oak Wilt Season

Good news: if you have a mature oak tree in your yard, you would be happy to know that it requires minimal pruning to keep it attractive and healthy. An oak tree is a wonderful addition to any property, but if not properly maintained, it can be quite an eyesore.  The best time to prune oak trees is during the dormant, cold months. This will help lessen the risk of disease or pests entering the open... Learn More