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Fall is a Great Time to Plant. Here’s Why.

For many, the spring season is perfect for planting, but did you know that the fall season is the prime time for planting and enhancing your landscape in a lot of ways – some of which are very essential to the longevity and health of your landscape? This season creates the ideal conditions for healthy root growth. Do not miss the perfect planting opportunity. The trifecta of cool temperatures, warm... Learn More

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Top Qualities of an Exceptional Landscape

You know when you’ve seen an exceptional landscape. But what exactly makes it extraordinary? Regardless of the property or its style, there are seven things outstanding landscapes have in common. Southern Botanical promotes best practices and quality standards in commercial landscaping and set a bar high for every client and every property we serve. Everyone in our team participates in continuous... Learn More

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What Impacts the Lifespan of Shrubs on Your Commercial Property

Proper shrub care and maintenance are important for vigorous shrubs with a long lifespan. There are many ways you can help keep your shrubs in great shape and ensure that they live as long as they can. Below are the different factors that influence the lifespan of shrubs. Fertilization and mulching Effective fertilization is key for good plant health. For instance, evergreen shrubs and plants... Learn More


Winter Preparation for Your Commercial Landscape

When it comes to commercial properties, it has always been our philosophy at Southern Botanical that it’s never too early to start planning for the next season. We help our clients plan months in advance to meet their property’s budgets and goals and ensure that they are not caught off guard when the seasons change. Below, find information on what we do to help our clients in preparing their... Learn More


Lakewood Residence Wins NALP Award of Excellence

The homeowner wants their garden to highlight the existing oak trees while creating a full landscape with height, texture, and shades of green interrupted with pockets of color. The structure of the garden beds along the property walls, keeps the garden orderly to complement the plant’s natural growth habits and homeowner preferences. To keep the turf looking great during the growing season, we... Learn More


Carpenter Park Wins NALP Award of Excellence for Landscape Construction

Deep in the highly trafficked area of downtown Dallas, across from major corporate offices, and underneath an interstate highway sits a 5 ½ acre park. What was once pavement contributing to the endless noise of the 21st century has become an oasis to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Tree sourcing and logistics comprised of every tree being hand selected and tagged. Carpenter Park has a... Learn More